SUSQ Internet Literacy – The Necessary Steps For Successful Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing

One of today’s most important skills is internet literacy If you are in business, you probably have a business website, but you really have to be brutally honest and be able to assess whether or not it is working for you. Your online presence should be bringing in new customers to your business, or you wasting your time and effort. The following information was provided by Webgator SEO Brisbane and this digital literacy fact sheet

While your website may look pretty, and have a nice picture on the front page of your business, if it is not active and causing people to want to come into your business you may have wasted some money or worse.

There is a vast difference in the term “marketing” and “advertising.” Marketing is an active word which signifies that when marketing takes place the way that it is supposed to, people get motivated to come to your business to purchase your product. Everything else is superlative and of no consequence.

So, how do you accomplish all of this, you say? Well, listen to this: It is estimated that up to 70% if all internet searches are now being conducted on mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads and tablets. If you do not have a presence on mobile devices, there is a huge market of your customers and customers-to-be that your competitors are winning over and you are not getting into your business establishment.

Social media sites such as Facebook is a tremendous marketing opportunity where you can engage very closely with a tight demographic of people who you can target. Find the people in your  local area who like what you sell, use what you sell, and would like to buy what you sell. You can easily get that information from Facebook and send posts to all of those people for pennies.

You should have an SEO expert review your website and be sure that it is up-to-date as far as its ability to compete in today’s market place. The key words must be on target, the website has to be organized to get Google to put it up at the top of the list in niches where people are searching for your products. Your site should be well organized so people can immediately find what they are looking for, and your site must be optimized for mobile usage.

When someone finds you on their smart phone and they realize that you are only two blocks away, you just got a new customer!

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